Diagnosing issues when equipment is down can be challenging and frustrating.  Our experienced technicians are well equipped to facilitate the diagnostic process.  Simple problems may be diagnosed over the phone, while complicated situations often require a technician on site to work over the equipment and inspect multiple components for the damage or malfunction.  Once the damage has been assessed, a restoration plan is proposed.



Getting your equipment back to good working order in a timely fashion is our priority.  Our technicians work hard to keep the restoration process moving; expediting needed parts and working long hours.  Partnering with other companies who specialize in custom replacement parts gives us a niche in restoring older or orphaned equipment, as well as shorter lead times in most repairs.  In each situation, our goal is to get your equipment operating at its best so that you can meet production deadlines.


Preventative maintenance is often overlooked due to pressing deadlines and forgetfulness.  Having a technician service your equipment when you notice unusual sounds or first signs of malfunction can save you a significant amount of cost and down time.  Our technicians can give a maintenance recommendation following a repair project to help avoid costly breakdowns in the future.




“Just wanted you guys to know, I had to buy a new mop to clean up the drool from Mooris after he formed his first couple of jobs.”

- Phil Hill
Kloeckner Metals, Tulare California