Specializing in Ram and Bed Restoration


It Happens


The Problem

Machines are often damaged through incorrect loading by operators, either accidentally when excessive tonnage is applied to short lengths of tooling, or by the effort to meet a specific job requirement. Improper loading of a punch can locally upset the ram, clamps bend making it difficult to hold segmented tooling, or the tang registry face can displace forward causing tool misalignment. Many times the ram is upset along the entire length from years of heavy use. 


It's Frustrating

In an industry where tolerance and uniform product delivery is essential, machinery working below par cramps production and leads to a serious loss of man time. Momentum cost on a project is high, and in the long term may hinder winning new contracts. 


The Solution


The Challenge

Not every repair is the same. Some machines are worn over a long period of time and simply need reconditioning, while others have been seriously damaged, improperly assembled or arrive from factory outside tolerance. Press Brake Repair is dedicated to providing a solution for each individual machine. 


Our Solution

Press Brake Repair’s technicians diagnose issues, then replace clamps with custom clamps and surface grind the ram and bed. Machines can be ground to factory crown, custom crown, or straight cut to accommodate a compensating filler block.


Committed to providing up-to-date solutions for repairs And applying advanced service techniques to deliver precise, innovative results.


Our Guarantee

Press Brake Repair provides precision repair for each machine we restore. Working with a high tolerance laser measurement system and linear ground finish, we hold tolerance of +/-.001”.


Customer Service

We understand that loss of production is a key issue in machinery repair. As part of our commitment we do our best to give each customer the following service: 

  • Short down time

  • Schedule flexibility

  • Technology and experience-driven restoration

  • Courteous, professional service